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Author: T. D. Kelsey
Publisher: T. D. Kelsey
Texas: The Land & the Legacy: The Art of Robert Pummill

On one level it is easy to divide Robert Pummill’s works into two neat categories: landscapes and historical paintings of the Old West.  The latter covers a lot of ground figuratively and the former covers a lot of ground literally.  At first glance those categories may seem to be wholly separate and that as an artist Bob moves between two very different artistic pursuits, between two different types of art that do not intersect.  Part of that perception springs from the fact that most artists who are highly talented in one pursuit are not as talented in the other.  Hence there are not a great many artists who are comfortable with both genres.  Robert Pummill has shown that he is quite adept at handling both formats.  Further his art demonstrates that the same talents and skills, the same techniques, the same facility with color and light can be just as effective in a landscape as they are in an historical period piece.

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Author: Michael Duty
Publisher: Claggett/Rey Gallery
Robert Lougheed: Follow the Sun

Follow the Sun is the first book to showcase the full breadth of Lougheed’s artistic legacy. More than 400 full-color reproductions trace his trajectory from early Canadian studies of working horses to commercial work to western scenes and timeless plein-air oils of European subjects, with much in between.

He was the man behind Mobil Oil Company’s legendary flying Pegasus and the creator of numerous magazine covers familiar to a generation of readers. Yet even when fully engaged in commissioned work, Robert Lougheed never ceased to paint for himself, as well, and never drew a divide between the two. Both were about expressing the essence and particularity of life. Lougheed was a true “painter’s painter.”

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Author: Don Hedgpeth
Publisher: Diamond Tail Press, Vail, CO
Joe Beeler: Life of a Cowboy Artist

A book about Joe Beeler's art is naturally a book about his life. Don Hedgpeth, a friend of Joe's for over 40 years, tells the story of Joe's heritage, his early determination to make art both livelihood and lifework, and his fabled invention - with Charlie Dye, John Hampton, George Phippen and Bob McCloud - of the Cowboy Artists of American at a tavern in Sedona, Arizona, in 1964. One hundred and twenty-five amply sized and richly reproduced photographs of Joe's sculpture, painting and drawings tell the story of his development as an internationally respected and enthusiastically collected artist.

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Author: Don Hedgpeth
Publisher: Diamond Tail Press, Vail, CO
Colorado Vistas Notecards

This package of 20 distinctive notecards displays the beautiful work of Western artist Wayne Wolfe. Featuring five each of four dramatic images, these cards capture the West as seen by an accomplished painter. Envelopes included.

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Author: Wayne Wolfe
Publisher: Art of the West
"Surrender at Appomattox" Puzzle

Claggett Rey Gallery is honored to have acquired a national treasure commemorating one of the most significant moments of our nation’s history. On April 9th, 1865, General Grant respectfully presented the terms of surrender to General Lee and his exhausted soldiers.  The signing of this document brought an end to our nation’s civil war and the birth of one united nation, forever changing the course of what would become these United States. Commissioned by the National Geographic Society, from whom we acquired the painting, historic illustrator Tom Lovell (1909-1997) meticulously recreated the “Surrender at Appomattox” to commemorate the centennial of this impressive scene.

 As our own celebration of the upcoming sesquicentennial (150 years) of

 this historic event, Claggett Rey Gallery is proud to present a custom

 wooden jigsaw puzzle of Tom Lovell’s masterpiece. Made from

 quarter-inch maple plywood, the puzzle incorporates hand-drawn Civil

 War figures and is made with the finest archival paper and inks.

Puzzles Available for Purchase. $120 includes S&H. To order please stop by the gallery or call 970.476.9350

Author: Tom Lovell
Publisher: Claggett Rey Gallery
Gary Niblett: A New Look at the Old West

While "A New Look at the Old West" recounts, through the lively anecdates of generations of Nibletts and Hataways, a vivid personal account of the Old West, more importantly it tells the story of Gary Niblett. We come to understand the humble beginnings- the hopes and dreams- of a boy growing up on the Texas and New Mexico prairies. A testimony to belief in and realization of dreams, this refreshing "show and tell" book relates a true American success story.

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Author: Mary Terrence McKay
Publisher: Johnson Publishing Company, Boulder, CO