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Trunk Show with New Mexico jeweler BO JOE

Meet The Artist: Bo Joe


Born in Shiprock, NM and raised among the northern Navajo region, Oreland “Bo” Joe Jr. has been surrounded by tradition and art his entire life. During his early childhood he was exposed to sculpture and music, impactful influences that became the foundation for his creativity.

Having spent his adolescence along side his father, Oreland C. Joe Sr., his exposure of the professional art world sparked his motivation to pursue an artistic career.

Influenced from the musical background of his grandmother, Bo developed a 15yr career in the recording industry in Los Angeles and Chicago. Having solidified himself in the music industry he stumbled upon a new creation, a creation which further bonded him with his culture.

“Tufa Casting” – a primal technique among the southwestern tribes is one of the earliest known practices of silversmithing. Bo was drawn to the history and technique of Tufa Casting was inspired to begin a new creative direction.

Oreland “Bo” Joe Jr. is an accomplished jeweler. His work represents his traditional culture and circulates within museum and gallery markets across the United States.

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